The League of the Non-Aligned and The Contact


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Malcolm Zinn Part 8 by David Lee
SG Jack
katana137uk wrote in lotna
Three security guards sat in a small room surrounded by monitors that showed the various rooms of the Malcolm Zinn. George the trainee sat on a chair fast asleep with a book beside him called "Security for dummies," it was open at chapter 7, how to deal with aliens. While Steve and John sat around a table playing a game of poker. Then a little red light started to flash on and off inside a 3-D map of the ship. John and Steve noticed the alarm and quickly got up. John walked over to George to try to wake him up while Steve walked over to the computer.

"Hey wake up" said John.
"I'm up. What's going on?" asked George
"The internal sensors have picked up some intruders." Steve told them.
"Steve where are they?" John asked
"Five intruders in Sector B. Medical Facility. And one intruder in Sector C. Storage Room 6."
"Ok Steve, take a team down to Sector B and check it out. Rookie you're with me."
"Yes sir!"

The two guards got up grabbed rifles, walked outside and begun to jog down the long corridors towards Sector C.

Steve spoke into his communicator; "OK Nelson, Barry, Karl, Michael and Danny you're with me, now lets get moving people."
"So rookie is this your first time in space?" John asked George.
"Yeah, I don't like space to much, too cold."
"So, why did you take this job in the first place?"
"Well you see I've got a girlfriend back home but I ain't got the money to buy her a ring so I took this job and here I am."
The two men arrived at huge steel plated doors about 4 inches thick.
"So this is it Sector C!" said George
"Yep this is it." his colleague replied.
John walked over to the control panel, which lay, on the left-hand side of the door. He punched a code into the keypad. After a few seconds the doors opened making a hissing sound; the two man walked through the door towards the location of the intruder.

Suddenly the whole ship shook…

"What was that?" gasped George?
"I don't know, we must've hit something!" John replied.
"What? Like a meteor shower?"
"Yeah, something like that. Oh well, it's gone know let's get going."
"Yes sir!"

As soon as George finished talking the ship started to shake again, this time more violently then the last time. The two men fell to floor hitting it hard.
"Hey George you ok?"
"Yeah, I'm ok sir, I think."
"Good. I'm going to contact Steve to see how things are at his end."
John pulled a black box about the size of a mobile phone out of his pocket, flipped it open, pressed a few buttons and begun to talk into it.
"Hey Steve do you read me?"
"I read you."
"Did you guys up in Sector B feel the ship shake?" asked John
"Yeah, we felt it all right half of us hit the floor."
"Do you have any idea what could cause something like that?"
"No. My only guess is that we hit something."
"Yeah that was my guess too. Any trouble with the intruders?"
"No they went quietly; one of them tried to free the prisoner but we manage to stop him. We locked him up with the prisoner to teach him a lesson."
"What about the others?"
"I sent them to the captain. Have you found the other intruder yet?"
"No we're still searching for him. I'II contract you again once we have found the intruder. Over and out."

The two guards slowly walked down the corridors of the ship and as they turned the corner they saw the intruder. It was an alien of human build standing about 8ft tall its body was completely black and its skin shone like steel.
"What the hell is that?" demanded George
"I don't know. Never seen anything like that before!"
The creature turned around and faced the two men. They both pointed their guns at it and shouted. "FREEZE!!"
The creature looked at both of then and laughed.
"Why is it laughing at us?" said George
"I don't know but I don't like it."
The creature burst into flames. The sheer force of the blue flames blew the two men back.
"George grab an extinguisher." Ordered John
"Yes sir!"
George ran over to the extinguisher, just as he was about to grab it a blue ball of flame came shooting out of the inferno and melted the extinguisher like a hot knife through butter.
"Where did that come from?" said George?
As soon as he finished the sentence he realised where it had come from, from the alien, it was still alive….

Before the two could react another fireball was launched; this one hit John right in the chest killing him in seconds. George looked at his dead team-mates eyes and was full of anger and rage. He pointed his gun and fired, however, as the bullets got closer to the creature they hit an invisible force shield, which stopped them dead.

The creature lunged towards George grabbing his neck and pinning him to the wall. "Where is Jolus?" The creature demanded.
"I don't know…there's…there's… no one by that name on this ship" said George.
The creature tightened his grip," WHERE IS JOLUS?"
"If you mean the prisoner… he's…he's… in the medical bay…Sector…B." George pointed towards the medical bay.

"Thanks, " the creature said with an evil grin, relaxing his grip on George who breathed a sigh of relief.

But with a terrifying spin chilling laugh, the creature grabbed him even harder. George's eyes bulged as he fought for air then he was set alight and thrown aside.

The creature started to move down the corridor towards where Jolus lay.

Outside the medical bay were two guards standing on either end of the door, inside were a group of 4 guards watching the prisoners closely. Suddenly the huge metal doors blew open.
"What the….? "Said Steve.
The creature stood under the archway where the doors used to be; next to him lay two dead bodies Nelson and Barry.
"All units fire!" shouted Steve
The creature slowly killed off the guards one by one until only one remained. Steve looked around with open eyes and saw his dead team-mates bodies, he had come to realise he wasn't going to walk away from this fire fight, so their was only one thing he could do warn the captain. He pulled out his communicator to try and contact someone but before he could, the creature launched a fireball which, burnt off Steve's hand along with the communicator, the level of pain knocking him out.

While this was going on, Jolus watched his eyes opening wider and wider and said only one thing, "It's a Vorcon…"

To be continued…

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A very good chapter...well done to David :-)

Thanks, I thought so too LOL!

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