The League of the Non-Aligned and The Contact


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The Malcolm Zinn Part 9 by tlanti
SGA Sheppard
katana137uk wrote in lotna
Captain Carlos wondered what the hell was going on when he received notification that a Vorcon was aboard.He'd heard rumours about their existence but had dismissed the majority of them. Having seen reports of the destruction of several ships on the outer reaches of known space, he did not take the rumours lightly and had tried to take a balanced view - however with the levels of hysteria the reports invariably contained, that was not an easy thing to do. He knew the Vorcon ships were bad enough… but to have a Vorcon aboard…

"It's a Vorcon…" Jolus's speech had come via Lloyd, who wondered what the hell a Vorcon was, realised it was the eight foot tall, shiny black purveyor of doom and destruction staring him and Jolus in the faces and wanted to run or reach for a new pair of pants.

"A Vorcon?!" Lloyd gaped, barely able to form the words. "What the hell…?"

Jolus looked at him, his eyes wide. "You are right to fear it." He thought at Lloyd, "Now follow my instructions. Take one of the scalpels and…"

"What?!" Lloyd gasped.

"Do as I direct you or I will be unable to save us!" Jolus's eyes, which had the appearance of being all pupil as they were totally black, were upon Lloyd, glaring at him in desperation. Jolus made for a strange sight - dead straight silken white hair framed a pale face which had a faint purple tone to it. He was slender and appeared to have great problems in moving.

"But - but I hate the sight of blood! I'm a computer specialist - not a medic!"

"You will not need to concern yourself with your fears if you are dead!" Jolus shot back.

Lloyd looked at the scalpel and then at Jolus, then felt his mind go blank as Jolus took complete control of his mind. Jolus took a deep breath as he willed Lloyd to cut through the skin just below his shoulder blade with the scalpel and remove a device. It made his senses scream as it was removed and he held on for long enough for Lloyd to use a device to cauterize the wound - and damn it hurt! He released control of Lloyd and all but slumped to the floor, glad that Lloyd caught him.

When Lloyd caught the strange being in his presence, he did not hold out much hope for their being saved by him - Jolus was of slight build and seemed frail in his arms. Jolus gasped, stood up straight and fixed a gaze on the creature in front of them. He could see the Doctor, trying to reason with it which had the creature perplexed, thus buying him some time, but he very much doubted there was anything the Doctor could do that would be ultimately effective.

Jolus took a breath and aimed a psychic blast at the moment the creature unleased a fireball that shattered the glass partition, sending fragments flying in various directions. Everyone ducked for cover their eyes away from the creature as it staggered back a couple of steps and then made an escape.

"That will not hold it for long…" Jolus thought. "I must pursue it. There are many tactics I can use."
He straightened up, jumped through the now shattered window with Lloyd closely following.

"Doctor." Jolus said through Lloyd. "I have heard much of your travels and escapades. I am Jolus."

"Jolus… I've heard of you…" the Doctor said. "You were originally from Brokomania but you vanished one day, never to be seen again. You had some rare psychic gift…"

"I was abducted by the Vorcons, who used me for experimentations of varying descriptions. They fused me with a myriad of races which as altered my physical appearance."

"I'll say!"

"They were intent on dissecting me in order to discover how the attributes from the races they blended me with and I was not going to give them the satisfaction. I escaped, boarded a small craft and barely made it to the Malcolm Zinn alive. The crew took me on board, but before I was able to inform them of the danger, the Vorcons activated the neural inhibitor which rendered me unable to communicate effectively and impaired my bodily motor functions."

"Sounds nasty."

"They had to subdue me somehow. That was the device I had Lloyd remove from my body."

The Doctor winced slightly. "Now that was nasty."

"I am in complete agreement." Jolus said. "Now I must locate the Vorcon. Accompany me if you will, remain here if you wish to."

"I'd rather remain -" Lloyd began and then sighed as he realised that he didn't have a choice. Where Jolus went, he was going to go. Lloyd looked on as Jolus paused, then the computer expert could sense Jolus scanning the area with his mind, locating the Vorcon and then they were both striding off once more. Lloyd knew that the Doctor was in close pursuit and could hear that the Malcolm Zinn's remaining security detail was on their way - he could hear the shouts from much further down the corridor. Lloyd did not like the indications in front of him - guards to the rear,Vorcon in front, Jolus out to kick butt - the chances of dying horribly seemed to be getting more and more likely.

"Isn't there another way to defeat this Vorcon creature?!" Lloyd stammered.

Jolus turned to look at Lloyd and gave a small smile.He's nuts! Lloyd thought, then realised that Jolus had direct access to his mind. Am not, Jolus responded, his thoughts quiet and clear as he strode forwards with Lloyd reluctantly following him. All too soon they encountered the creature which was ready to strike. Jolus anticipated the creature's next move and steeled himself for the attack. Lloyd watched on in horror as it unleashed a blue fireball that seemed to fill the corridor and came rushing towards them.Narrowing his eyes, Jolus simply watched it travel towards them, while Lloyd could feel the heat singing his eyebrows and making him feel like his skin was about to fry. Lloyd's life flashed in front of him as Jolus raised his hands and…… then the wall of fire was heading back to the source it had originated from. The Vorcon staggered back but only very slightly as the blue flames were extinguished. Seconds alter it had unleashed a more intense wave which, again, Jolus forced back. He responded with a fireball of his own - this one being purple which, Lloyd guessed, was natural given the purple tinge of Jolus's pale skin. Lloyd looked at the walls of the corridor and realised that the structure was not going to take much more of this. Jolus sensed his thoughts and directed Lloyd to activate the fire containment systems aboard the ship.

Lloyd headed to the nearest console and found the Doctor at his side. "Need a hand?"

"If you can activate the fire containment systems, be my guest -" Lloyd said, glancing at the controls and knowing it would take a few seconds longer than would be healthy to activate the systems in question. The Doctor obliged with his strange sonic screwdriver device and within moments a lethal looking gas had surrounded the Vorcon in just enough time to extinguish its next fireball and subdue it.

The creature was down but not out, and Lloyd was hoping like hell Jolus had a master plan up his sleeve to avoid everyone becoming toast. be continued


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