The League of the Non-Aligned and The Contact


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katana137uk wrote in lotna
The second of Mark's LOTNA podcasts is now available from the website.

This podcast includes a couple of special guest stars!


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Good to hear the special guests, but I notice
we haven't had any female fans talking, only
male fans so far.


Well Caz was in the background when Mark made that funny mistake right at the end of Podcast 2........"next town night is.....". I see what you mean though.

Anyway very good and I think Mark has that "Whispering Bob Harris" type voice on radio, Dave was very clear as well.

If you need any help Podcast wise then I dont mind do a Planky bit!!

Keep up the good work!!

We did consider editing that bit out, but thought it was funnier to leave it!

Mark has that "Whispering Bob Harris" type voice on radio

LOL! Yes I called him that too!

Do you want to do a Death on the Gambia recording for the next one?

Yup can do thats a good idea.........will have to remember what happened on the night though.

Looking forward to hearing more from Whispering Bob lol

Well someone has to be in charge! I have more of a producer/director type role *g*

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