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The League of the Non-Aligned and The Contact


'It's a Babylon 5 reference,' says Janine, friendly Kiwi and co-organiser of League of The Non-aligned (LOTNA), by the way of explanation. 'Though the point is, we don't align ourselves with any particular show. We're not just about Star Wars or Dr Who, we're a broad church here.'

Inclusivity is important to Janine and her LOTNA co-organiser husband Dave: the Westminster Trekkie pub they met at 14 years ago was 'cliquey and unfriendly'. So Dave formed LOTNA and 11 years on, more than 150 members regularly drop by for these bi-monthly sci-fi socials.

Its success is partially because, despite their loner geek reputation, sci-fi fans are a pretty sociable bunch. 'Fans spend so long in front of the computer, they like going out to a "real life" chat room,' explains Dave, a laid back, paternal figure welcoming everyone into the pub's cosy backroom. It's also because members are friendly. 'We've had three marriages and an engagement so far,' beams Janine. 'My mum met her husband here,'chips in David, an 18-year-old Dr Who fan and LOTNA member since he was 12. So what's the appeal? 'I like talking about my favourite shows and my friends aren't really interested,' says David. Around him, members nod sympathetically.

But that's not to say everyone is a hard-core Whovian (Dr Who fan), Trekkie (Star Trek), Scaper (Farscape), or Browncoat (Firefly). And there's a surprising number of twentysomething women there, too. 'Shows like Dr Who and Heroes have made sci-fi cool,' Kelly, a pretty Australian observes. 'And anyway,' Janine adds, 'football fans know the names of their "characters" and go around "in costume", painting their faces and no one accuses them of being uncool.

LOTNA meets every second and fourth Saturday of the month at The Miller of Mansfield SE1. Tube: Borough
E-mail Metro about your club at life.london@ukmetro.co.uk

The Malcolm Zinn Part 12 by katana137uk
Emily's eyes were drawn to the Marco Perez's oxygen gauge, 23 minutes left. She had no answer for Kramer's question. How could the ship they saw have been the Malcolm Zinn? They both saw it explode, felt the blast that had created all the damage to their ship and left them stranded. The next event left even more unanswered questions; a huge battle cruiser had appeared in the view screen. Emily closed her eyes and shook her head, convinced it was the start of hypoxia making her hallucinate, no ships like that existed in this section of the galaxy!

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22nd March Meeting
Please note that the next meeting will not be at The Miller, but will be at The Horse. 124 Westminster Bridge Road. The nearest tube is Lambeth North.

Announcing The Lotna 10th Anniversary Awards
Any glittering occasion surely isn't complete with an awards ceremony!


The Lee-Rudd alliance is organising The LOTNA 10th Anniversary Awards.

We'll be giving out the voting forms at the next two meetings so your votes can be counted before our 10th Anniversary party on the 8th March.

The form will also be available online shortly....

The second of Mark's LOTNA podcasts is now available from the website.

This podcast includes a couple of special guest stars!


Christmas Party
Christmas, xmas lights
The year's Christmas Party on the 9th December has a new venue.

The Miller of Mansfield, 96 Snowsfields Road, London Bridge.

Just around the corner from the Horseshoe

Full details and a map are on the LOTNA website.

The Malcolm Zinn Part 11 by silver_streamer
Black Dalek
Aboard the Malcolm Zinn all hell was breaking loose. The ship was filled with the sound of a very annoying alarm.

"Action stations! Action stations!" shouted the Caption. "Helm get us out of here."
"Yes sir" he replied

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The Malcolm Zinn Part 10 by azaxyr
Mark Dalek
Jolus stood over the Vorcon. "You will cease in your destruction. As you can see I am more than able to repel any attack that you'll have."

The Vorcon glared back at him not daring to make any aggressive move.

"Now you will proceed to the medical lab."

The Vorcon slowly made his way.

"Lloyd, Doctor will you please accompany me?" They both agreed.

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The Malcolm Zinn Part 9 by tlanti
SGA Sheppard
Captain Carlos wondered what the hell was going on when he received notification that a Vorcon was aboard.He'd heard rumours about their existence but had dismissed the majority of them. Having seen reports of the destruction of several ships on the outer reaches of known space, he did not take the rumours lightly and had tried to take a balanced view - however with the levels of hysteria the reports invariably contained, that was not an easy thing to do. He knew the Vorcon ships were bad enough… but to have a Vorcon aboard…

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Malcolm Zinn Part 8 by David Lee
SG Jack
Three security guards sat in a small room surrounded by monitors that showed the various rooms of the Malcolm Zinn. George the trainee sat on a chair fast asleep with a book beside him called "Security for dummies," it was open at chapter 7, how to deal with aliens. While Steve and John sat around a table playing a game of poker. Then a little red light started to flash on and off inside a 3-D map of the ship. John and Steve noticed the alarm and quickly got up. John walked over to George to try to wake him up while Steve walked over to the computer.

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