The League of the Non-Aligned and The Contact


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The Malcolm Zinn Part 10 by azaxyr
Mark Dalek
katana137uk wrote in lotna
Jolus stood over the Vorcon. "You will cease in your destruction. As you can see I am more than able to repel any attack that you'll have."

The Vorcon glared back at him not daring to make any aggressive move.

"Now you will proceed to the medical lab."

The Vorcon slowly made his way.

"Lloyd, Doctor will you please accompany me?" They both agreed.

On the Bridge, Rose, Abi and Wilson were in conversation with the Captain.

"So how did you turn up aboard my ship?" The Captain enquired.

"Well, we have a ship, the Tardis, and it can sorta travel in time." Rose said sheepishly.


"It's true Captain. Up until recently we were from your future." Wilson said.

"And we came here to solve a mystery." Abi added

"Mystery?" The Captain questioned.

"Yes. Some how this ship disappears." Abi said.

"Do you think that I am a fool?" The Captain rounded on them. "You have something to do with the Vorcon!"

The Captain spoke into his communicator." Security. There are 3 intruders on my bridge. I want them apprehended now."

"What? We're not intruders and have nothing to do with the Vorcon." Rose argued back.

"She's right. We are innocent of what you say," agreed Abi.

"Security. Get here on the double!" said the Captain into his communicator.

"Quick, let's get out of here!" Wilson shouted and ran towards the door.

"Wilson, stop!" Abi called after him. But Wilson wouldn't stop and within seconds he was gone.

Back at the lab Jolus was in conversation with the Doctor and Lloyd.

"There are many races throughout the universe but there are very few who have any psychic abilities." He looked over toward the Vorcon. "The Vorcon have many terrible attributes but a psychic ability is not one of them."

"If they were to get me back to their home world then they would use me in whatever way they wished."

Jolus looked at Lloyd. "The fact that you were able to receive a psychic message from me means that you have some small ability."

"But how am I supposed to receive any message. I come from years in the future?" Lloyd asked.

"Jolus could leave a psychic imprint on that computer. You turn up receive the message. I turn up. We travel back to this time, rescue Jolus and have this conversation. Job done." The Doctor explained.

"I could not have explained it better myself," replied Jolus.

"OK…I think I understand." Lloyd said. "What about the Vorcon?" he stared at the alien.

"The Vorcon is not a problem as long as I am near." Jolus explained.

"Well we can go back to my Tardis and take it away from here and be back in time for tea," said the Doctor with a wide grin on his face.

Wilson ran from the bridge. He had to find somewhere to hide. The recent events had become too much for him. Travelling in time, an alien death creature, then finally almost being arrested. He had to clear his thoughts; He came across an open door.

Inside it was dark some sort of storage room. He ducked down behind a cupboard. A bead of sweat rolled down his face as the sounds of running feet could be heard outside. Wilson knew that he could only trust Abi. He had to get off this ship alive.

"Now Lloyd. I want you to stay calm while I enter your mind." Jolus reassured him. "I will take control of your body and together we will create a special programme that will only be activated when you arrive for the first time."

"Thanks." Lloyd said a little nervously.

"With your computer skills and my psychic ability we will create the necessary information."

From the corner the Vorcon began to chuckle

"What are you so happy about?" Remarked the Doctor.

The Vorcon just continued to Chuckle.

A security guard approached the Captain. "The intruder has yet to be apprehended. I have sent a detail to search all rooms. But after what that creature did, there are not many in the search."

The Captain gave out a sigh. "Understood." He looked over towards Rose and Abi.

"These two are under your personal guard. If they fail to follow my or your orders shoot them."

The guard nodded "Sir."

"The sooner that this mess is sorted out the better I will sleep." The Captain stated.

Rose and Abi looked at each other. "We have to do something. Escape or take control."

"How can we?" Rose said calmly. "The Doctor will know what to do. He will get us out of this. Trust me."

"I hope he can," said Abi as she eyed the gun that the guard had in his holster.

The Doctor looked on as Lloyd with the help of Jolus started to programme the computer. Lloyd's fingers moved purposely across the keyboard. He tried to follow what was being typed but could not.

"Once Lloyd has finished then I will include the psychic code." Jolus answered the Doctor's unasked question.

The Vorcon chuckle turned into a laugh.

"I asked you, what are you so happy about?" The Doctor spoke to the Vorcon.

"You will find out soon," said the Vorcon thorough his laughter.

Many plans were going through Wilson's mind. But the only one sensible to him was to rescue Abi then get to an escape pod, but first he needed a weapon. So, he needed to locate the armoury. With few of the security guards left, that would not be much of a problem.

Rose tried to start up a conversation with her guard. "You must know that we have nothing to do with this Vorcon. Can't you have a word with the Captain?"

The guard looked at them. "A lot of my friends are dead and they were alive before you came aboard. So shut up before I carry out the Captain's orders."

Just then the air was broken with a warning sound.

"What the hell!" said the Captain.

"Sensors detect that a ship has appeared!" The tactical officer shouted.

Everone looked at the veiwing screen. With a grim expression the Captain anounced. "It's a Vorcon ship."

In the lab the Vorcon continued to laugh.

To be continued…


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