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The Malcolm Zinn Part 7 by Tony Bailey
What? Here? Not again! Not again! It is still cold. No! Colder! No…No…Not again? Why? Why? Why? I am gone!

The cold darkness of space shrouded the crippled Marco Perez as it tumbled slowly and silently away from the cloud of debris that was once the Malcolm Zinn. The ship was in very poor shape, only a few dim twinkling lights showed that there could have been life aboard. Over three hours had passed since Kramer had spoken to Juan Carlos, captain of the ship that was on the way to save them, but the communications system had given up. The oxygen was critically low now and after several attempts to repair the ship enough to control direction had failed they rested.

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The Malcolm Zinn Part 6 by Caz Lee
The Doctor folded his arms across his chest and glared at the two suited men. "Don't be so dramatic." He said, " Do you know for a fact that this contamination is airborne?"

"No…we…" The other man began but he was quickly interrupted by his colleague.

"I'm not willing to take that chance." He moved swiftly across the room, pushing Lloyd into the room with Jolus, then punched the code into the lock sealing them both behind the partition.

"Hey!" said Abi "You can't do that! He's a member of my crew."

Undaunted the man turned to her, his eyes hard behind the protective helmet. "And exactly who are you?"

"Abi Fuentes, Captain of The Marco Perez."

"Well Ms Fuentes, you and this "Doctor" character can explain yourselves to our Captain!"

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To be continued…

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Lewis Collins
The Malcolm Zinn Part Five
by dopeydora_67

“So where exactly are we Doctor?” Rose enquired as the Tardis rematerialized.

“We’re on The Malcolm Zinn,” stated the Doctor as if it was obvious. He flicked a couple of switches on the Tardis control panel, and then turned to face the waiting group.

“But what about the storm,” Abi worried. “Isn’t that a bit dangerous? I mean you just pulled us out of the storm, we could get torn apart!”

The Doctor rolled his eyes in exasperation, “We are on The Malcolm Zinn,” he repeated, “Only we are two hundred years in the past! If my calculations are correct, we should have hopefully arrived a couple of days before the last confirmed sighting of it.”

Lloyd who had obviously not believed that the Tardis could travel in time suddenly looked very excited.

“Wow, how cool is that. To really be able to travel in time…just think of all the things that you do…the things you could change!”

The Doctors expression darkened immediately, “We are only here to find out what happened, to solve the mystery of what and how The Malcolm Zinn disappeared and to discover what happened to you when you were on board and who this Jolus character is. We must not change anything! The consequences are direr if you do.”

Rose nodded and glanced over at the Doctor, she knew only too well what could happen if you changed something in the past.

“Now I believe that we have landed in one of the cargo bays, I thought that the tardis would be fairly safe from being discovered here. Now you need to change your clothes, so you can blend in; the Tardis will provide something suitable for you. Rose will show you where you can get changed.”

Half an hour later, they were ready to leave.

“Aren’t you going to change? Wilson asked the Doctor.

The Doctor grinned and winked at Rose, “I have… well sort of, I changed me jumper!”

Rose giggled and told them that the Doctor would not be the Doctor with out his trusted leather Jacket!

Meanwhile on board The Marco Perez, Kramer stumbled along the corridors toward the flight deck, wishing he was twenty years younger and fitter. His left arm hurt like hell and hung loosely at his side, probably broken. He had managed to turn off the warning alarms, but had not been able to contact Emily on the intercom; he was very worried about her.

When he reached the flight deck, it was in poor shape; many of the consoles were smashed and burnt out, as he surveyed the room, his eyes fell on the still form of Emily laying crumpled on the floor, he called out to her, but she did not respond, he hoped to God that she was alright, but his first priority was to get the ship back under control. He cleared the rubble off the control panels and began flicking switches, once he had the ship under his control, he programmed the it to maintain a stationary orbit, he noticed that there was extensive damage, more than he could deal with, with or without Emily’s help, so he activated the distress signal, in the hope that someone would come to their aid…soon.

After rummaging around, Kramer managed to find the first aid kit and he hurried over to Emily. He was relieved to find that she was not dead, just unconscious. After giving himself a shot for the pain, he set about fixing her up as best he could, with one arm.


As the five of them left the Tardis and began to explore the ship, Abi and Wilson kept a close eye on Lloyd, just in case he showed any signs of being taken over again by this Jolus.

The Doctor was right about them blending in, no-one seemed to take any notice of them as they made their way through the ship toward the Data storage room where Lloyd had come over all strange. Then suddenly as they were passing a room with ‘Authorised Personnel Only’ written on it, a floor below where the Data storage room was, Lloyd suddenly stopped and went ridged. Then he spoke in a raspy voice.

“I need to help him…must help Jolus.”

“Doctor, quickly Lloyd is...” but before Abi could finish, Lloyd had keyed in a code on the door panel and entered the room.

They hurried in after him and discovered that the room was in fact some sort of medical laboratory with an examination table and other medical equipment, at the far end of the room was what looked like an isolation/quarantine chamber, and there sitting on a bed was a man wearing what looked like a hospital gown.

“I don’t think we should be here,” worried Rose, she moved closer to the Doctor, who took her hand and held it, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“Is that Jolus?” the Doctor asked Lloyd.

Lloyd did not answer, he was staring at the man, who had now got up and walked toward the glass wall that separated them. He smiled and put the palm one hand flat onto the glass; Lloyd did the same with his hand and then spoke the strange rasping voice. “I knew you would come, I am Jolus, I come from the planet Bromankia, and this is the first person that I have been able to communicate with.”

Abi pushed in front of the Doctor and spoke, “My name is Abi, can you hear me, and do you understand what I am saying?”

Jolus looked around at the others, he let his gaze settle on Rose for a moment and then looking at Abi he spoke though Lloyd again, “Yes I can understand you, I mean no harm, but the others who come here think I am dangerous and hurt me, and I don’t understand why. I am not the ‘bad wolf’, but they are frightened of me.”

“Bromankia…Bromankia?” muttered the Doctor to himself, “I recognize that name, but I can’t think why!”

But before he had had a chance to say more, the door to the lab opened and in walked two people who were dressed in full body quarantine suits and masks. They did not look happy to see them!

“Who are you and what are you doing in here?” one of them asked.

“Hello, I’m the Doctor,” the Doctor told them cheerfully. “We have just come to visit Jolus here.” He indicated to Jolus.

“I am sorry you are Doctor… Who?”

“That’s it, just the Doctor, now would you mind telling me why this man is in quarantine?”

“Well, he has been cont….No…don’t open that door!” Both men lunged forward.

Some how whilst the Doctor was talking, Lloyd had managed to get over to the door of the quarantine room and had keyed in the code to open the door.

The door opened with a hiss.

“Oh my god…do you know what you have done? You have killed us all...”

To be continued…

The Malcolm Zinn part 4
Lewis Collins
The Malcolm Zinn
Part 4 by azaxyr

"Abi. Come in Abi. The storm is getting worse. You have got to get off."

Emily looked around her console. There were a dozen warning lights showing a dozen potential hazards.

"Lloyd, Wilson reply! If you can hear me, you must evacuate. Get to a life pod and I will pick you up. Sensors say the Zinn can't take much more."

Then the storm hit hard. Both ships were thrown apart. The Marco Perez came off the best but only just. Emily wrestled with the controls trying to keep her ship stable. It took all her years of experience to keep things together. Fires broke out throughout and were quickly put out by the automated system.

Worse, luck for the Malcolm Zinn. The storm ripped over her and tossed her around like a rag doll. Once one of the finest in her class now buckled and split. Explosions tore through her and she cracked like an egg sending parts hurtling off in all directions.

Emily looked on in horror. Her friends had been on that and ship and now they were gone. Even if they could have made it to a life pod there was no way that, they could have survived the Malcolm Zinn's final throws. Tears welled up in he eyes. They were gone. All gone.

The loud warning sound brought her back to her senses. A large piece of the Zinn's structure was heading straight towards them. Her hands frantically moved over the flight controls. Engines fired propelling her ship forward. She almost made it.

The structure, a large piece of outer hull hit the port thrusters sending the Perez spiralling out of control. Again the warning sounds started up but nobody turned them off. Emily lay on the floor blood trickling from a gash on her forehead.

"Let me take a look at that."

"What?" The girl, Rose, was looking at Abi's forehead.

"You’ve banged your head. Looks like it's only bruised. Here, let me put this on it."

Rose gently rubbed some cream on to the bruised area.

"Give it a couple of minutes and it should be gone."

"Thanks." Abi said, still a little dazed.

Lloyd and Wilson were looking around them quite not believing what they were seeing. The man, the Doctor was standing in front of them arms folded.

"Go on. Say it." asked the Doctor

"What?" Wilson replied still a little bit shocked.

"It's was only a blue box. It's bigger in the inside. They all do."

Wilson looked around open mouthed "Yes."

The Doctor returned to the console and busied himself while Rose did her best to try and explain what the Tardis was and answer as best she could their questions. In turn, they answered her questions while the Doctor gave the occasional remark.

Abi turned to the Doctor. "I want to thank you for getting us off of the ship. If we were there much longer than we would not be having this conversation."

"Quite all right. Now Lloyd. Abi said you were in a trace and mumbling something about Jolus."

"To be honest I don't remember much after we entered the Zinn. And I certainly don't know any Jolus."

"You were completely gone. We had to drag you along with us. Never seen anything like it. It was like you did not know we were there." Wilson added.

"Well what ever effected you out there can't in here. We are in a temporal grace. The Tardis is very good at locking bad things out."

The Doctor produced an object from his pocket. He held it up to Lloyd's eyes and a soft light shone from the end. "Now look into the light. I am going to use the sonic screwdriver to scan your brain."

Lloyd looked into the light and the sonic screwdriver started to make a clicking noise.

"Can you tell what happened to him?" said Rose

"Now that is very interesting. You seem to have been the target of a recent psychic attack. And from my guess it's from this Jolus."

"But I told you." Lloyd replied. "I don't know any Jolus."

"Then why were you attacked? There is a mystery here and I don't like mysteries."

The Doctor moved back over to the console and started to move his hands over it.

"Well thank you for rescuing us Doctor but we must be leaving. If you would just get us back to our ship then we will take our leave." Said Abi.

"Can't do that, sorry. To get us away from the storm I de-materialise away from danger."

"Well dematerialise us back again."

"Can't do that either. Anyhow. Don't you want to know what happened to the Malcolm Zinn and who this Jolus is?"

"Well no. We just want to get back to our ship and get the hell out of here."

"Tough. We are going to solve this. So it looks like you all are coming along for the ride."

Things were starting to get nasty. Both Abi and Wilson had squared up to the Doctor. Fingers were being pointed and voices were raised.

"STOP THIS NOW!" Rose shouted. "You are acting like children. Doctor take them back and let them go!"

The doctor started to protest.

"DO IT NOW." Rose was starting straight into the Doctors eyes and he backed away looking a little shocked.

"No. Lloyd interrupted. The Doctor is right. We need to find out what happened. Beside my mind has been invaded and I don't like it."

"But, but." Wilson started to say

"No I want to do this. Both of you can leave but I want to go with the Doctor."

Abi and Wilson looked at each other and nodded.

"Ok you win we will go with you. But Doctor you can get us back home?"

"Of course. Trust me."

There was a groaning grating sound and from out of nowhere, a tall blue box gradually appeared. The Malcolm Zinn was about to give up it's secret. be continued

The Malcolm Zinn Part 3
Lewis Collins
The Malcolm Zinn
Part 3 by Jackie Searl

Abi and Wilson grabbed an arm each and pulled the unresponsive Lloyd away from the console and out of the room. They staggered into the corridor and made their way as quickly as they could, Lloyd in between them still staring blankly ahead and murmuring to himself, looking like he was completely unaware of what was going on or where he was.

“What the hell is going on here?” Abi shouted.

“I don’t know but I sure as hell don’t want to hang around to find out.” Wilson replied. The lights were flickering now and the shuddering was getting worse as they made their way along the corridor. They were just about to enter the room where they had come aboard when there was a massive shudder and the whole ship lurched sickeningly to one side. All three were thrown violently sideways onto the floor. Abi shouted out in shock and pain and she hit her head against the wall.

“This is ridiculous,” shouted Wilson as he got to his feet. He held his hand out to Abi, then helped pick up Lloyd and the pair carried on into the room. As soon as they entered they saw the door linking them to their ship was shut.

“How did that happen?” Abi shouted. Wilson could hear uncharacteristic hear in her voice. He didn’t reply, just stood holding Lloyd. He knew how she felt, he couldn’t put his finger on it but there was definitely something not right about all this. Systems’ turning themselves off, people going all weird, doors opening and closing seemingly when they felt like it. He’d never believed in ghosts and all that crap but at the moment he wasn’t so sure.

“Emily can you get this door open?” Abi’s voice brought him out of his musings.

“I’m trying” came the reply from Emily “It shut just before you went in there.” Just then the lights started flickering even more.

“Oh shit, the power grid is failing in that sector of the ship. It must be the effect of the anomaly. I’m trying to re-route power over to you to try and stabilise it and get the door open”. Suddenly Lloyd stood up straight, looked Abi straight in the eyes and whispered

“Must get off now, Jolus is gone. Must find Jolus”. Before Abi or Wilson could reply a strange whooshing, whirring noise started behind them. They turned around together to see what could be making it. At first they could see nothing, and then a breeze came from nowhere. Then faintly at first, there seemed to be something materialising in front of them.

“What the hell…” Wilson started but didn’t finish as the image became more solid, then fully formed. Abi stared. She’d seem pretty much everything in her years in space but never anything like the thing which had just appeared in front of them. It was a large blue box like object, with a blue flashing light on the top, two squares what looked like windows near the top with some writing on the top off them. The sound had stopped and the light had stopped flashing when a panel in the front of the object started to open. The three of them backed away as far as they could. Suddenly a face appeared in the opening.

“Hello. Sorry if we startled you, but thought you might want a bit of help”. The face finished with a huge smile. Abi stared. It seemed to be a human male, about 40 with short brown hair, ears that stuck out a bit too much, a sharp pointed nose and a large mouth which was still smiling at them. When none of them moved the man came out of the box a bit more. He was wearing dark blue trousers, a black top and a black scuffed up in some places, shiny in others jacket. Although he seemed human there was something about him that didn’t seem quite right.

“Look, I’m not being funny but we really need to get moving. The structural integrity of this rust bucket isn’t going to hold for much longer. So you can either come with us or stay here and get squashed. Your choice!” With that he went back inside the box. Wilson looked at Abi just as there was another massive shudder which almost threw them to the ground again.

“Come on, you really need to hurry up. Don’t worry; you’ll fit in here ok”. A young woman had appeared at the door. She was quite a bit younger than the man. She was pretty, had long blonde hair, a white top under a grey loose jacket and light blue trousers in what looked to be the same material as the mans’. Abi knew they didn’t really have much choice. The ship started making loud groaning and screeching sounds. She looked at Wilson who nodded. They moved forward slowly, keeping hold of Lloyd, who had come round slightly but still, seemed pretty disorientated. They walked toward her as the lights finally went out completely. The darkness would have been complete if not for the orange light coming from the stranger’s box. They hurried towards it and finally entered the doorway and stepped into the most amazing thing they had ever seen. As soon as they were through the doors they heard then shut behind them.

“Fantastic” shouted the man who started pressing down buttons and pulling levers on a console that was in the centre of a huge room. Everything seemed to be giving off a faint orange glow, All the beams and walls looked like they had grown rather then been built. It almost seemed alive. A column on the centre console started going up and down and the strange noise they had heard earlier started again. Just as suddenly everything stopped and was silent again.

“So who are you?” Wilson asked.

“This is Rose; I’m the Doctor, nice to meet you.” be continued

The Malcolm Zinn Part 2
Lewis Collins
The Malcolm Zinn
Part 2 by tlanti

“It looks desolate,” Abi said, taking in the sight before her. The room itself was plain and functional, save for another hatch leading deeper into the ship itself. As much as Abi was intrigued by the discovery of the Malcolm Zinn, she still felt a deep sense of foreboding. She had heard many tales about it and was sure they were just legends, but that did not make her feel any better. There was always some hidden grain of truth in such stories, and the maelstrom they had recently encountered did not do anything to ease her doubts.

Lloyd looked around, fascinated. He’d always had an interest in antique computer systems and had spent many an hour in his childhood trying to imagine what life was like in the past, when technology was in its more primitive stages. He would have felt more apprehensive about the prospect of entering a dead wreck in space if the thought of seeing an intact example of two hundred year old technology was not foremost in his mind.
“Can you get the inner hatch open?” Abi asked him.
“I’ll give it a try,” Lloyd approached the panel and took in the sight. Rather than the digital systems he was so used to, this one had a keypad. He moved to touch the keypad, then paused and looked at Abi and Wilson.
“The readings said the ship was dead, right?”
“Yes – why do you ask?”
“If it’s so dead… then why has this display just lit itself up?”
Wilson contacted the Marco Perez. “Emily, run a scan on the Zinn. We have evidence of power – any idea where it’s emitting from?”
“Power?” Emily’s voice responded. “I’m running a full scan - nothing is showing up.”
“Then how…?” Lloyd mused to himself, peering at the keypad.
“How did you get the door to activate?” Abi asked.
“The door…?” Lloyd looked up and saw the door slowly begin to slide back. “I… I didn’t…”
“Emily tells me there are still no energy readings from this ship. This whole thing doesn’t make any sense,” Wilson said.

The three of them looked on as the ancient door squeaked and groaned as it opened for the first time in two centuries.

“OK, last chance to turn back.” Abi said, cautiously approaching the gloom within.
“This space wreck gives me the creeps, but its not every day you encounter a legend.” Wilson replied, following Abi and Lloyd. “And besides, we have a salvage job to do.”
“So… what designation is the Malcolm Zinn anyway?” Lloyd asked, wanting to confirm the truth and not rely on the tales he was familiar with.
“Scientific research,”
“Scientific research? Sounds like trouble,” Wilson said. “If I know one thing about scientists, it’s that they’re always finding trouble with their fancy ways and misplaced intellect.”
“You sound like my father.” Abi said with a smile. “He had exactly the same opinion.”
The three of them tentatively ventured into the corridor leading to the main interior of the ship, and were surprised when the lighting system silently kicked in resulting in a warm, bluish glow that revealed a long, functional walkway with metallic piping running along its length. There were signs of circuitry along the walls having blown and then, like the hull, been the subject of some frantic repair work. There were dark marks at various intervals along the wall of the corridor, the nature of which Abi did not want to guess at.

They walked past sealed doorways, getting their bearings before they initiated their plan – getting the Malcolm Zinn back to a part of civilisation who would pay handsomely for it. It was a fair bet that a ship like this, with the legends associated with it, would be worth enough to not only give the Marco Perez a much needed overhaul, but also ensure that her crew were able to live comfortably for a while.
Lloyd stopped suddenly at a door half way down the corridor and peered through the window with interest – or as much as he could given the filthy state of the glass. He went to gain access to the room via the keypad, and again the door responded before he moved a muscle. He looked at his companions then at the room beyond.
“What’s the significance of this room?” Abi asked as they made their way in.
“Data storage. If there’s a record of exactly what happened to this vessel, here’s where we’ll find it.”

He moved towards a bank of consoles along the wall, wondering whether the same source of energy that activated the lights and the doors would come to his aid. If not, he had a handy little device that would enable him to draw the information he wanted out of the systems, power or no power.

“Abi! Wilson! Lloyd! Get yourselves out of there and back to the ship – now!” Emily’s voice sounded over the comms system.
“What’s going on, Emily?” Abi could hear the concern in her team mate’s voice.
“It’s the storm – I’m picking up readings and they’re not good –“Emily’s voice was interrupted by static as the Zinn began to shake, buffeted by the beginnings of another maelstrom.
“Everybody – back to the Marco Perez!” Abi called, leading the way.
“I’m right behind you –“Wilson began, following Abi out into the corridor. He took a quick look around, “Wait a minute – where the hell is Lloyd? He was right here!”
“There he is!” Abi spotted the still form of Lloyd, leaning against the console, one hand gripped firmly on the edge. She went over to him to get him to move, but received no response.
“Come on, Lloyd – the whole place is about to be shaken apart – we’ve got to go –“

She went to take him by the arm and caught sight of his face. He was staring right ahead, eyes wide as he murmured something under his breath.
“Abi – grab him – let’s go!” Wilson said as another shudder reverberated throughout the hull of the ship. be continued

Round Robin 'The Malcolm Zinn' Part 1
Lewis Collins
Subscribers to the monthly newsletter 'The Contact' have been taking part in a Round Robin story. It starts off as an original piece of Sci-Fi, but as you will see, it began to incorporate some familiar characters. Not everyone who has written so far, has a live journal. At the moment parts 1-5 have been completed and part 6 is currenly being written.
I will post what we have so far over the next few days, and then it will be once a month, for parts 6 onwards. If you wish to write a part, please let me know so that I can let (Tony) the person running it, know.

Anyway on with the first part.

The Malcolm Zinn
Part 1 by Arthur Ross

What? Here? It was so cold, so cold. No, No No! The frenzy ...get out of here... now. Must move. Darkness,... crawling across me,.... stinging, burning. Pain ... endless loneliness. Abandoned ... why, why, why, why, why.....please ... peace. I am gouged out..... The calm of end. I am present.

The floor shifted and Abi Fuentes found herself clutching at the scanning station.

“Kramer!” she shouted.
Kramer was in the pilot's seat wrestling with the flight controls. The ship bucked again and the entire structure began to shake. Wilson was hanging onto a station in engineering trying to read the display in front of him, as it and himself was yanked around.

“The drive field is destabilising,” he reported.
“I’m on it,” said Emily.
She kicked her chair over to Wilson there was another jolt and she collided with him. She steadied herself on the edge of the console but Wilson crashed to the deck. Emily looked down at him eyes wide, mouth open. He waved her back.

“Get those engines shut down.”

As Emily worked the controls, Wilson pulled himself up beside her.

Abi was strapping herself into the co-pilot's seat. She glanced at Kramer, his face was screwed up, sweat running down his cheeks. It looked like his hands were being shaken loose. She looked out at the maelstrom space had become a mass of swirling coloured light, flashes and scintillations. It felt as though her visual system was overloading, her stomach turned. She grabbed the controls, the tremor was strong and her hands started to go numb immediately. An intense whine was building in the ship as it started to resonate. The ship lurched again but this time Abi felt a kick her in the chest. The shaking began to subside and space returned to normal. She sighed with relief as the Marco Perez came to a stop.

Kramer yelled something unintelligible and cursed before closing his eyes, throwing his head back and dropping his aching arms to his sides. Abi remained seated gathering her wits. In her late thirties, she was tall, with long dark hair, athletic, a hint of olive in her skin. Her round face framed a small slightly turned up nose and big brown eyes from which sprang faint laughter lines. The salvage vessel Marco Perez belonged to her. She unbuckled and moved to the engineering compartment at the rear of the flight deck.

It was a well lit area with pale walls, broken by pipes, ducting and displays. Consoles lined the edges of the room and even formed a circular bank in the centre of the space. It was here that she found the slightly over weight figure of Wilson in his favourite leather waistcoat. His head and face were covered in a mass of white hair. Abi remembered a time when that hair had been a velvety black, a time she associated with her late father. But it was to the petite form of Emily with her blond hair fixed in a pony tail that she addressed her question.

“What happened to the engines?”
Emily sat at propulsion in the middle of a small run of consoles, examining readouts. She turned to face Abi.
“The engines are checking out fine but there’s a weird energy signature superimposed on the drive field moments before it started to collapse. Can’t think what could’ve caused it. I think we need to check the sensor logs.”

“What’s going on?” asked a quivering voice.
Lloyd’s dark and lanky form appeared over the handrail of the stairs as he came up from the lower decks. Abi smiled gently.
“We’re safe. I think.”
Lloyd, their computer specialist, nodded, fidgeted on the top step for a few moments before moving over to Emily’s side.
“Nothing broken, all power systems online, no breaches registering,” informed Wilson. “But I’ll do a more thorough survey before we get under way again.”
“I’ll give you a hand we can begin in the drive bays. Lloyd assist Emily with...” began Abi.
“Hey y’all,” called Kramer in his southern drawl.
Abi exchanged a look with Wilson and rolled her eyes skyward.
“Think you should see this,” he continued.

As Abi and Wilson entered the cockpit Kramer gave a slight nudge on the port thrusters and the Marco gently turned. A massive vessel slid into view. It was angular and grey, its surface pitted, weathered and spattered with black scorch marks. There were several breaches in the hull some of which had been hastily repaired. It gently rotated about an eccentric axis, dead in space.

Two hours later they had established a cabled soft dock and Abi, Wilson, and Lloyd were waiting, with some trepidation, at the external doors to the derelict. They had extracted the identity of their salvage from the computer. The ES Malcolm Zinn had disappeared over two hundred years ago. Its last transmissions had been bizarre and disturbing. The legends around its disappearance were frightening. Search teams had found no traces of her, not even a residual radiation signature, now here it was just two light years from its last known position.

Wilson triggered the circular hatch. Had there been air it would have groaned before it slid back in a number of reluctant jerks. They clambered into the small chamber of the lock. It was dark, their suit lamps revealed bare metal walls, a dead overhead light panel and at its far end a rectangular door. Inset was a small dirty window. Abi tried to rub the dirt off with her hand. It left a brown greasy residue on the pale orange of her glove. She peered through the glass. Nothing. Wilson hooked up a portable power supply. Tiny lights in the panels either end of the lock came to life and he cycled the outer door closed. Abi keyed the inner door and it swang slowly open. Lloyd handed her a flashlight and she stepped into the room beyond. be continued

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Best of British
Title: A Leap of the Heart
Characters: Jimmy, tall boy, small boy, Miss Smith
Rating: U
Author: Mark Rudd

The classroom door opened and two boys walked in.

"What you got there doofus?" said the taller boy.

Placed on a desk in front of Jimmy was a heart shaped card with 'Be my valentine' written on it.

The taller of the two boys grabbed the card and said "Jimmy loves teacher, Jimmy loves teacher."

They started to push Jimmy around

"You are so dead, " said the smaller boy.

They started to laugh at Jimmy

Just then, Miss Smith came in the room

"What's going on here"'?

She took the card and read it.

"Oh boy" said Sam Beckett

Brighton Away Team Photos
I've updated the website here with some photos from Saturday.


Brighton Away Day going ahead
To paraphrase The Doctor...

This one damp little island, turns and says no to terrorism, we don't let it affect our everyday lives.

So with that spirit the Brighton Away Day is going ahead as planned.

Meeting at 9.30am at London Bridge Station or around 11.30am at Brighton Pier for those that want to meet us down there.

Full details in the previous post or on the LOTNA website.


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